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  • Is RMR a registry, group or club?"
    The Red Mustang Registry (RMR) was initially conceived to act as a registry for Red Mustang owners worldwide. Over the years the group has morphed into something more. We do not look to replace any local clubs, but rather to provide a way for all Red Member to come together either at RMR events or even at local shows. In short - we can fufil any roll you want. Some members only want to be listed on the registry - others want to create and participate in group events, and to others we are simply family. A "club" legally would require elected officials, monthly meetings, etc - which we do not do. Additionally, RMR is legally a corporation not a club.
  • How do I Join?
    Click on the Membership menu option and then select JOIN RMR. You will need your VIN to complete the registration.
  • Will you send me my number after I register?
    NO - RMR numbers can be found usually ONE week after you join. The easiest way(s) to find your RMR number are: 1. Use the SEARCH REGISTRY function under the MEMBERSHIP tab. 2. Join our private FACEBOOK GROUP page, where we post the new member updates every week.
  • I order stuff - how long will it take?
    Most orders take 4-6 weeks to deliver. Some decal only orders may take less - dash plaques may take more. ALL items are custom made AFTER they are ordered. There is no "stocked" RMR goods (except leftover event items).
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