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The weekend is over. Old friends reunited, new friendships were made. With 90 Red Mustangs registered on what will be known as the "Final Red Showfield", we did what we do best - we had FUN.

Friday was warm with a brief couple of passing showers. Weather did not stop any activities - including our first ever 1/64 mini car show. When the day came to an end, most of the group headed to Aroogas 11 for dinner joined by Carl Widman, chief designer of the 2019 Bullitt and the 2020 GT350.

Saturday was the big day in every way - big temperatures as the mercury hit 97 degrees. Hot or not - members cleaned their cars as the RMR members selected their 10 favorites Reds each. We also had our first ever Mini RC Racing event. Videos of the races are on the RMR Facebook private group page. Again, when the sun went down, over 60 members joined by the team from Ford Performance retreated indoors to wine and dine at Aroogas 11 for dinner (again).


Best Red Mustang 1965-1999: Gary Drumheller

Best Red Mustang 2000-2021: Mendi Gardner

Ford Performance Pick: Jeff Roteman

Best Unbridled: Stephen Gardner

President's Pick (Cleanest Ride): Barry Cason

Top 20:

Lisa Salimbas

Monica Hockerberry

Mike Magri

Denise Washburn

Bob Douglas

Rick Appenzeller

Raymond Reno

Tina Scheafer

Russell Carter

Kathy Armstrong

Frank Engle

John Huffmann

Phil King

Larry Shermick

John Dings

Krys Haupt

Patty Ferenz

Andy Mateo

#2483 (No Name)

#1147(No Name)

RC Racing Grand Champion : Allen Clingerman

Top 5 1/64 Mini Car Show Winners:

Rick Appenzeller

John Huffman

Pete & Becky DeKlein

Lou Morano

Chris & Grayson Riley

All the events of the past weekend would not have been possible without the help of so many people. Kathy & Sam Armstrong, who work closely with the restaurant to make sure they were prepared for the onslaught of hungry people and for brining the fan that helped combat the extreme heat. The RC Racing team of Barry Cason (Line Judge), Larry Schermick for acting as our ESPN videographer and EVP Nicole Schatten for risking life and limb as the flag official. Stephen Tapper for capturing so many pictures of the entire weekend which will be on Facebook in the week to come. Carl Kiwak, who was not able to stay the weekend and Frank Engle helped decorate the tent. All the awards presented this weekend would not have been possible with the generous donations from members near and far.

Last, but not least, a huge thank you to all

that participated... without you, there would be no reason to have this event.

We will return in 2022, as the RMR tent rises up in a new fields location and we prepare for a new experience as RMR members compete in class... stay tuned for more information in the weeks and months to come.

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