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Spring is here, the of year where those of us impacted by winter look forward to seeing our friends and fellow hobbyists at cruise ins, car shows, and the multitude of recreational activities that fill our leisure time.

This year is different, we find ourselves in the midst of an international crisis. We face hardships that most of us have never had to endure. Many of us are either out of work or are working from home and most are facing economic uncertainties. Others are working arduously to keep our social infrastructure going, handling the emotional wave of uncertainty that is gripping a nation. Worse, yet - while I am currently not aware of any RMR member who has contracted COVID-19, it is probable that it will happen. In actuality, from current estimates, over 40% of all people across the globe will contract COVID-19.

I read a lot of the messages posted by our members, on their social media pages, as we are "facebook friends", but I refrain from stating any opinions. I do not want to spread falsehoods - and opinions are just that, opinions. What we all should be focusing on is what we must do to survive. Survive the virus, survive the economic impact and survive the social impact this is having on us all. Fear is as dangerous as COVID-19 itself. We are all still entitled to our difference of opinions, but we all should work harder to be understanding how this impacts us all instead of placing blame, criticizing political view or being downright rude to each other.

We all came together with a common bond - a passion and joy brought together through the experiences of Mustang ownership. When we are together, we put our political differences aside. We come from a diverse socio-economic demographic, different phases of our life - from the young to the "not-as-young", we have different roles in society - yet when we are together we are all the same. It is the same with how we must respond to this crisis - we must realize that we are all the same - we are all susceptible to this threat.

My point is - do what you need to do to stay well, but also try to do things to help others. Don't hoard things you don't need. Don't spread rumors or statements not backed by scientific evidence and still follow that golden rule (which I am paraphrasing) - "If you don't have anything nice to say, shut up".

Car Shows are impacted by this - for those in areas where "shelter in place" is enforced , group events are not allows. Carlisle 2020 is in June, and I am hopeful that this crisis will be past. I will continue to communicate anything I head about Carlisle as I learn it. I ask other members to share information about other national events on the Facebook group page to keep each other informed (PITS, Mustang Week, MCA nationals, etc). While we know that the impact of the virus will pass, the economic impact will be much longer to recover from and for many of us travel and recreational activities will take a back-seat as we rebuild our lives.

RMR hopefully provides a place of relaxation and enjoyment for our members, and I encourage you all to still stay in communication with each other. Lean on each other for emotional support, remember the good times had while looking forward to the good times that will come in the future, when we hopefully can all look back at this trying time with a "remember when" attitude.

Be well, stay safe and do what you have to do to get through this. Most importantly, don't let this crisis change who you are. You are not defined by the car you own, you are not defined by your political or religious beliefs. You are defined by your actions. If you find yourself in a place that you need an ear to bend, whether we have never met or are longtime friends, my phone is always on (but not always near) and you can call me at 732-407-4652.

Nicole and i both wish you all continued good health and we look forward to seeing many of you when this time of crisis is past.

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