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New Member Update

April 6th, 2021

NOTE - Please join Steve Schatten, RMR #0001, LIVE ON FACEBOOK -

this Thursday, April 8th at 8PM EST - for important information about upcoming events.

Welcome to our newest registered members:

  • RMR #11104 Tom Andrejko- Naugatuck, CT

  • RMR #11105 Brandon Hedrick - Leland, NC

  • RMR #11106 Courtney Hernandez - San Antonio, TX

  • RMR #11107 Mark Berlin - Odessa, FL

  • RMR #11108 James Smith - Dover, DE

  • RMR #11109 Dylan Rozza - Wallingford, CT

  • RMR #11110 Shawn Joyave - Millersville, MD

  • RMR #11111 Nicholas Hein - Port Orchard, WA

  • RMR #11112 Charles S Wright - Calhoun, GA

  • RMR #11113 Amy Owensby - Spartanburg, SC

  • RMR #11114 Eric Enfield - Olathe, KS

  • RMR #11115 Bobbi Gray - Biloxi, MS

  • RMR #11116 Jonathan Lawson - Oakdale, TN

  • RMR #11117 Bib Cole - Green, OH

  • RMR #11118 Milan Jarman - Morehead City, NC

  • RMR #11119 Haley Dockins - Fredericktown, MO

  • RMR #11120 Kadri Ozee - Fayetteville, GA

  • RMR #11121 Dylan Smeltzer - Olympia, WA

  • RMR #11122 Gary Brown - Martinsville, VA

Important notes for all members new and "not so new" -

1. We continue to be committed to providing a safe, moderated place on Facebook for families to enjoy Mustang related content. We want to inspire future generations to embrace our passion and not be bombarded by inappropriate content. We thank all of you who are dedicated to helping us achieve this goal.

2. We communicate most about events on Facebook and through emails sent directly to members. The best way to make sure you get the emails is to subscribe on the main website.

3.Decals, shirts, hats, and SO much more is available in the RMR store on the RMR Website - check out the STORE link on the RMR website

4. The 2020 Car Show season was utterly devastated by current events. For many of us, Carlisle Ford Nationals was the highlight of the summer. Let's work together to make next year's Carlisle the biggest one yet. Currently - we have about 70 members registered for the event - our goal is still 250.

We have a dedicated page with all the information you need to register your Mustang, reserve a hotel room and participate in RMR events at this 3 day show. Please visit to learn more.

5. Most importantly - Make friends, make memories and have fun. Always remember - "You get out of RMR what you put into it..."

Welcome to the Red Pony Mustang Registry.

RMR #0001 Steve Schatten, President & Founder


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