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New Member Update - October 7th, 2020

Please join in welcoming our newest registered members:

  • RMR #11004 Mark Magallanes - Philadelphia, PA

  • RMR #11005 Randy Ingram - Mountville, PA

  • RMR #11006 Paul Ledesma - Pasig, Philippines

  • RMR #11007 Airian Simpson - Tucson, AZ

  • RMR #11008 Jeffrey Kimble - Monticello, NY

  • RMR #11009 Mohna al Subay - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • RMR #11010 Steven F Schmitt - Fairfield, OH

  • RMR #11011 Anthony Saltalamachia - Wallkill, NY

  • RMR #11012 Peter Kokemueller - Jacksonville, FL

  • RMR #11013 Don Boyer - Howell, MI

  • RMR #11014 Shane Cinney - South Deerfield, MA

  • RMR #11015 Leonard Assante - Gallatin, TN

New Members (and not so new members) - please remember:

  • We continue to be committed to providing a safe, moderated place on Facebook for families to enjoy Mustang related content. We want to inspire future generations to embrace our passion and not be bombarded by inappropriate content. We thank all of you who are dedicated to helping us achieve this goal.

  • The RMR website has a lot of good stuff on it, including membership kits, decals, clothing, hats, accessories and more ( Normal delivery times on most items is 4-6 weeks. Due to pandemic effects, times are running a little longer.

  • We communicate most about events on Facebook and through emails sent directly to members. The best way to make sure you get the emails is to subscribe on the main website.

  • The 2020 Car Show season was utterly devastated by current events. For many of us, Carlisle Ford Nationals was the highlight of the summer. Let's work together to make next year's Carlisle the biggest one yet. We have a dedicated page with all the information you need to register your Mustang, reserve a hotel room and participate in RMR events at this 3 day show. Please visit to learn more.

As I say in most posts -

"You get out of RMR what you put into it, Nothing More / Nothing Less"

Welcome to the Red Pony Mustang Registry.

Steve Schatten, RMR #0001

President & Founder

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