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RMR Update 9/14/2020

I am pleased to announce that RMR has passed our 11,000th registered vehicle. Over the past 8 years, 3 months, and 8 days we have all worked to bring together Red Mustang Owners from across the globe - united by the simple fact that we all enjoy our red Mustangs. Do we have 11,000 members? No. The number indicates the number of times a person has affiliated their red Mustang with our group.

We have celebrated every new member that joins our group. Most members have been with us since they joined, others have transitioned to other color Mustangs (and some of them have even come back to us more than once) . Sadly, we have grieved as we have had members pass into the eternal night.

At most times there are roughly 2,500 active members who participate in events and our social platforms. What it all comes down to is not the "Number of members" we have - but how the members we have continue to enjoy the camaraderie that RMR offers.

With this, please join me in welcoming our newest registered members:

  • RMR #10982 Robert Hager - Fort Mill, SC

  • RMR #10983 Matthew Hernandez - California, MA

  • RMR #10984 Brytny Schinke - Snowflake, AZ

  • RMR #10985 Jack Broughton - Kings Lynn, UK

  • RMR #10986 Amanda Caudill - Mechanicsburg, PA

  • RMR #10987 Maxine Burk - Irwin, PA

  • RMR #10988 Amy Beth Kear - Pigeon Forge, TN

  • RMR #10989 Bob Frey - Fairborn, OH

  • RMR #10990 Kim Lewis - Hampton, NH

  • RMR #10991 Kody Ortner - Palm City, FL

  • RMR #10992 Eric Hicks - Ham Lake, MN

  • RMR #10993 Gerald Bennett - Edgewood, MD

  • RMR #10994 Brandon Witmer - Dahlonega, GA

  • RMR #10995 John Springer - Kasson, MN

  • RMR #10996 Michael J Faltermeier - Overland Park, KS

  • RMR #10997 Tony Looney - Decatur, AL

  • RMR #10998 Richard Castellano - Gaithersburg, MD

  • RMR #10999 Brian Knapp - Palmyra, PA

  • RMR #11000 Matthew Parrett - Leesport, PA

  • RMR #11001 Jim & Amy Honious - Dayton, OH

  • RMR #11002 Sara Kelley - East Wareham, MA

  • RMR #11003 Jaye Crowley - Hudson, FL

With the summer of 2020 coming to a close, we have all been impacted by current events, and most organized car activities have been cancelled for the remainder of the car show season. We can look forward to 2021 and in once again joining together.

We are working on several events for next year - but the BIG RMR event will be our 8th Annual Show at Carlisle Ford Nationals. We have a lot of fun events planned and if you really want to see what RMR is about, and have the chance to meet many other red enthusiasts - this is the event you want to attend. All information about the Red Showfield at Carlisle 2021 can be found on our dedicated event website -

I leave you with this - YOU make RMR what it is. YOU have the ability to make our events great by participating. YOU get out of RMR what you put into it, nothing more and nothing less. Whether we are your registry, club or family - the choice is yours.

I hope to see all of you at Carlisle in 2021. Imagine what 500+ Red Mustangs would look like if we all could come together??

Sincerely wishing you all the best.

Steve Schatten, RMR #00001

President / Founder - Red Mustang Registry

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