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What's Behind a Logo?

The most common question I get asked are:

1. Why is our decal is different from other registries?

2. Why don't use the same format as the other groups?

3. Can we go back to the older versions of our decal?

The answer is not a short one, but rather an explanation of how the RMR logo came to be. Back in 2012 there were only a couple of Mustang registries (Yellow, Black & Sliver, Legend Lime and a couple of others). All of them used "Something" MR to represent their group. A couple groups used the "Running Pony" in their logo while others modeled their logo similar to the Saleen numbers.

The Yellow Mustang Registry (YMR) was the largest at the time (and they still are for now) with over 9000 members worldwide. It was this group that we wanted to emulate, without copying what they did. We wanted to take the best from YMR and others to make something better than before.

When creating our logo - we followed the tried and true practice of making it "RMR" - but we never incorporated the running pony into our format. We were also the first group to run the numbers perpendicular to the registry name (a practice that has now become common in many groups.)

We also wanted to create a trademark that incorporated the "Mustang" feel and tied to the automotive hobby. After several iterations, we made the "Treadmane" logo our official brand. While it has had several versions, it has always been tied exclusively to RMR. This logo is something that sets us apart from the other registries.

Versions :

Top Left - Traditional Treadmane

Top Right - Five Year Anniversary Logo

Bottom Left - International Version

Bottom Right - Two Headed Pony

We launched the two-headed RMR logo to replace the "lettered" RMR because we feel it is important to keep RMR distinctively different from the other registries. The two heads are a reminder that any group needs to look forward and backwards into it's roots to keep evolving. (Or you could just say that figuratively we also "look two ways before crossing the street".

Recently, we have had many requests for a smaller rendition of this which would fit easily on our cars, so we are adding another version to the "official" roster. With this in mind the following logos are the official ones moving forward:

1. Traditional Treadmane - will be on embroidered clothing and larger format decals

2. Two-headed Pony - will be available as a decal with your individual number (9" x 4") and will be used in printed media.

3. The new 3 1/2 round for vehicle application.

The RMR letters will still be on all clothing and continue as part of our imagery however it will not be available as a decal.

Through your participation in RMR and the involvement we have had in the Mustang community, we have become the standard by which other registries are measured. We are more than a registry, we function however the members wishes - as a registry, a club and even a family. Our special group deserves special logos to denote our involvement in the most active color-based registry in the world.

Don't ever settle by being like others - you are RMR.......


Steve Schatten, RMR #1

President & Founder

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