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Designed with the back window in mind, this decal makes the statement that "This Mustang is in the Red Mustang Registry"  Impactful and very detailed, this decal comes with your RMR number.


Available in sizes from 10" x 12" through 17" x 20", in mutiple color and material options.



1. You must make sure the surface, which you plan to apply the decal to, is free of all chemicals, waxes, cleaners, etc. Decals should be applied in dry, warm weather in excess of 60 degrees farenheit.

2. REFECTIVE DECALS - are made of a special vinyl that is more adhesive than standard vinyl. This is because it is designed primarily for emergency vehicles. Due to this, these should ONLY be applied to glass surfaces and not on paint. They will be more difficult to remove and will require mild heating to peel off.


RMR is not responsible for any paint damages or residue left from these decals. Decals purchased are done so with the understanding that they are designed for glas surfaces only.

Treadmane Decal ($20+)

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