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Bob Dylan wrote the song "The Times They Are A Changin'". 


His lyrics speak to the underlying fact that you must change as you grow.

The Red Mustang Registry is no different – and as we enter 2018, this promises to be a big year for us.  We should announce our 10,000th member this year.  In reality, we do not have almost 10,000 members – rather almost 10,000 Red Mustangs have represented our group.  Many of the owners of the Red Mustangs assigned have “transitioned” to other colored Mustangs or vehicles, yet they seek a way to maintain a connection with the people we have met through RMR.

RMR will continue to remain a “Closed” group with our focus on Red Mustangs and their owners.  However, to expand our community to those who want to remain without a Red Mustang, we created the concept and designation of RMR “Friends & Family”.

We want to include those non-Red owners who wish to participate in RMR and support our core values.  To this end, we are bringing back our “Unbridled” name as a group for non-Reds who want to be part of the RMR scene. 


Unbridled will be a sub group of RMR, open to those non-Red owners who are either (a) former Red Owners or (b) Friends or family members of current, active RMR members.

Membership in RMR Friends & Family will be free and it will have a separate Facebook Page for those owners to share their Mustang related posts.  The same rules that guide RMR will be used for the new sub-group.  Any applicant for this group who is not a previous Red owner will have to have a RMR member referral.

We hope you will embrace this expansion and welcome those who want to share in the RMR experience.

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