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Terms & Conditions

The Red Pony Mustang Registry (aka is a private group of Red Mustang Owners around the globe.  There is NO cost to join and no scheduled fees or incremental costs.  Membership is granted on the following conditions:

1.   MODEL RESTRICTIONS: -  All registrants must own a Red Ford Mustang - any year.  All Mustangs must be a pony car (2 door, low profile) powered by a Ford Engine.  Engine swaps between generations/models are allowed - but swapping for a non-Ford Engine disqualifies the registration.

2.   COLOR RESTRICTIONS   - The color must be a permanent paint (at least 51% of the vehicle must be red).  It does not matter what the original color was.  Cars that are dipped, wrapped, or covered to the extent that less than 51% of the visible red paint remains are not eligible for membership.  Members that alter their Mustangs to an extent that they no longer qualify will have their number deactivated until a point in the future when they meet the requirements of membership.

While we do validate the VIN provided for model - Color and internals are on "Good Faith" members who are approved and then determined to be ineligible will be removed without notification.


Membership may be terminated in the following ways:

1.  At the request of the member and approved by any member of the leadership team.

2.  Violation of Facebook Posting Guidelines - without warning or notification, any posts that violate the rules MAY result in removal from the registry.

3.  Disrecpecting others in the group - will result in removal from the group.  There will be no notice of intent to remove or appeal process.  Membership may be reinstated ONLY by the President. 

4. If removed, all future requests to join will be disregarded unless approved by the President of RMR.

RMR is a private organization managed  by  Any use of the organization's symbols or logos without consent  by the owner is not allowed.  The RMR Logo is a registered mark.  All other logos and number are service marks and may not be reproduced without consent.  Applicants who are accepted agree that participation in any RMR event is voluntary and RMR, including owners, officers, members and representatives, are not responsible for any damage to vehicle, person or property while participating in any RMR events. 

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